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Fragrance Luxuriance
a symbol of abundance in the life of every person


Private collection — the niche fragrances of rare and expensive components. Insisting composition and maturation requires a lot of time and attention. Behavior unpredictable natural ingredients. Each of them — thousands of species of molecules.


Customer feedback on the achievement of certain results should be accompanied by a well-marked warning that you do not give guarantees and the results may differ depending on the circumstances. Seller is not responsible for customer feedback and recommendations.

Luxuriance as an excess of energy

in any area, creation exceeding the necessary minimum, where there is a powerful flow of energy. This is the discovery of new opportunities and benefits for further implementation and development.

Joy and pleasure of your life

The natural essence of nature is to grow and grow. It is the life force. The fragrance of Luxuriance embodies these theses and helps to tune in to the wave of luxuriance in life.

There is an abundance of everything in the universe

and everything is a part of it, no matter where we are, situation and circumstances. In the world, there is enough for all, and enough for everyone. If you do not have access to this abundance, you probably do not allow it.

To let the abundance into your life

you need to feel in a state of abundance. In the consciousness of abundance, you remember the existence of abundance, feel it in your life, and are connected to it, even if now it seems that it is not in your life - you are one with abundance. Expanding your vision and horizons to wider opportunities, allowing yourself to leave unlimited ways, you become aware of yourself as part of the luxuriance of the universe.

Attention, like a search

light illuminates and fills with this or that scenario of circumstances. What we focus on and fill with the energy of our lives. Therefore, it is natural to fill in favorable life-force scenarios and to abandon all negative scenarios. Controlling your consciousness, you control the energy of abundance. It is thoughts that create an abundant world around.

Around us, there are signs of luxuriance

it is important to notice them. Luxuriance can manifest itself in the presence of friends, favorite work, a lot of ideas. You can see success, abundance wherever you look. You have the opportunity to cultivate spiritually, socially, intellectually, emotionally, set goals (they motivate), find new knowledge, change your consciousness, manage finances and time, improve in the art of living well.

Having opened the mind and soul

we feel and take luxuriance into our lives, see luxuriance around. The understanding of this breaks through the limiting beliefs of the mind and opens it up to have more opportunities and points of view.

It is useful to save and then,

having achieved this, do not buy anything for the future; Do not hire anyone whose activities will bring success only in the future - do not do anything for the future. Cleansing their energy space, they pay all debts. It is also useful to invest resources in the maintenance equipment. It is important to discover what caused the state of abundance and strengthen it

The secret of the game

with consciousness in that, under the influence of the right mind and the virtuous effect of the Luxuriance fragrance, your subconscious mind rebuilds the frequencies of your brain, neuropeptides begin to emit waves of a completely different frequency into the universe, and it, in turn, forms the circumstances, in response to your thoughts - gives you more benefits through other people and events.

If you use this method more often. 

What you notice as the world around changes invisibly. All that is needed is necessary events, new opportunities, signs appear. You feel that these are all cells of the body, and the world around you feels it.

The composition of the compositions kept secret

and mixed by hand. Available in limited edition - no more than 500 bottles per year. Small changes are made to each new liter of flavor to give even more uniqueness.

Every 33 bottles are unique

And the exact same sounding aroma will never be. At the same time, the main notes of the composition are preserved. Only the proportions of the components change, so that the aroma does not bother, and does not allow the smell to get used, or lose sensitivity to it.

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