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Animesia | Edgardio Chilini


AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Anastasia



You can see her, hear her whisper, her steps, her breath, ringing laughter, but you cannot touch. she is like the breath of the wind, you cannot hold her. It is real and so inaccessible inaccessible .... Its essence is its aroma, light and subtle, like a morning mist, like your nightly fantasy with it ... You can inhale it and enjoy only the image. Stepping lightly on the tips of her fingers, she dissolves and ... slips away again, laughing softly ... She is the sweetest, incomprehensible dream, she is what we want to understand and come up with ... but only this time.

Oriental, floral, fruity, woody, musky


Top notes:

lemon, tea, black currant, Corsican orange, tangerine, cassia, grapefruit, bergamot, bamboo, bergamot, lemon, clover, blackberry, silk tree flower


Heart notes:

jasmine, saffron, peony, lily, mimosa, cumin, rose from Nepal, jasmine, apricot, lily of the valley


Base notes:

patchouli, sandalwood, Egyptian vetiver, tonka bean, vanilla, virgin cedar, amber, musk

niche fine fragrances

Edgardio Chilini niche fine fragrances
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