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Niche fragrance Macadamia Sorbet | Edgardio Chilini

Macadamia Sorbet

Nut tenderness

Niche fragrance Macadamia Sorbet is a almond, sweet, fruity, nutty composition to create a long-lasting, delicate, aromatic aura.

On the pages of glossy magazines, they constantly repeat about stunning new products, sometimes the must have titles. Recently, I began to notice that, having come to a perfume boutique, I do not feel at all the anticipation of a new discovery. A quiet panic seizes me. Yes, the chances of getting a tasty, pleasant, dizzy scent is pretty high. But I’m just as likely to make a mistake.

Is there a trick, a trick, to keep yourself from disappointment? Is there a win-win method of choosing the “correct” perfume composition that is 100% suitable for me? The world of perfumery is a journey of trial and error. It is difficult to make the right choice the first time, even if I am surrounded by many consultants. But you can always start with something gentle, sweet and almond. If the nutty scent has always been associated with a pleasant and delicate aura, then it is easy to find the right perfume.

Macadamia Sorbet is not dizzy from the first breath, it unfolds gradually. There are no complications - macadamia nuts, hazelnuts and almonds, which are diluted with the fruity aromas of papaya, as well as musk and sandalwood.

Top notes:

papaya, almond


Heart notes:

macadamia, hazelnuts


Base notes:

sandalwood, musk

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