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Cafeier Edgardio Chilini

Cyril Sozonov

You are in the best version of your world


The amazing transformation that Kirill creates thanks to his talent, sense of taste and professional skill helps to improve self-esteem and to please others, collecting compliments.

The aroma of Cyril Sozonov allows you to go back to the wonderful world of beauty and style from Cyril. The framework of habitual reality recedes and you, imperceptibly to yourself, realize: "something has changed." It seems to be the case, but the feeling of change for the better does not leave.


Woody, warm, soft, amber


Top notes:

juniper, sea salt chord

Heart notes:

galbanum, clary sage, toffee, cinnamon, black tea

Base notes:

cypress, sandalwood, white cedar, amber, white musk, oak moss

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