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Edgardio Chilini cелективная парфюмерия и персональные ароматы на заказ в Москве

Look But Don't Touch

AlchemyLab Edgardio Chilini for Lylia


The motto of the fragrance: "Iron self-esteem, or at least its appearance."

Lily asked to create for her a scent that reflects the image that she demonstrates to the world around her. Although in reality, in her soul, she is a tender, fluttering flower, a cheerful person with a unique sense of humor, but in her image and gaze she is the impregnable goddess of higher spheres, bitchy and arrogant. Perhaps she will notice someone around her... if they are worthy.

The fragrance is created for the image of the goddess. And let in the shower, she feels defenseless and timid. Only the closest people can know about it. If you wear the image of the fragrance “Look, but don’t touch it,” there is infinite self-confidence, a mysterious indulgent smile, a bearing, full of dignity, a proud walk of bearing yourself, not touching the frail ground ... on the face ... To the road! A goddess is walking! See, rejoice, envy, create with your eyes and thoughts what you want. The image of the goddess - the desired inaccessibility.

Top notes:

tangerine, grapefruit, black currant leaves


Heart notes:

lily of the valley, jasmine, rose


Base notes:

amber, white musk